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Tips to hire the best contractor and build your dream home.

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Are you ready to start looking for a contractor to build your perfect home? Before you hire the first person to show up on Google, read this. While many professional contractors work tirelessly to provide our clients with the best possible experience and perfect home(like us!), the industry is still a minefield of abandoned projects, missed deadlines, and shabby craftsmanship. It’s important that you’ve got all of the information you need to make the right decision on the best contractor for you. Read on for some of our industry tips on building your dream home and hiring the perfect contractor. 

Set your Budget

It’s important in the beginning stages to set your home-building budget. This is not to tie you down, but to get you excited! You’d be surprised at the beautiful leaps the home-building industry is taking every day. With every new advance previous (but still trendy and relevant) options you could not consider 10 years ago may be well within your budget now.

Plan for your future

  • When building your dream home it’s important to plan as far ahead as you can, and build your home around your life plan. For instance, are you single, newly married, or settled in? How many bedrooms you need now is important, but how many you’ll need in the future can be even more so. Has it always been your dream to have a Yoga studio in the basement where you can host classes? Get started on making that dream a reality with a space that will grow with you. Think about things like:
  • Ideal location – closeness to family, work, friends. Don’t forget about the weather!
  • Environmental footprint and the changing regulations surrounding efficiency.
  • Future family size
  • Room requirements and functions (den in the evening, yoga studio in the morning?)

Get A Solid Quote

An honest, carefully considered quote is essential in any proper planning process. How can you start dreaming if you don’t know how much anything costs? That’s where we come in. If you’re looking for a no-strings-attached, honest quote for your dream home, simple fill out our easy-to-use quote request form. We usually respond within 48 hours with your customized quote.

Do your research

Make sure you do your research when it comes to your preferred home builder. Visit their website, read their reviews on Google or Houzz, and interview them if possible. There are a number of less-than-savory people out there who may not deliver on their promises.

Personally, we love interviews. Give us a call and we’d love to tell you all about our work!

Get Inspired (and organized)

From Real Estate Listings to a simple Google search, once you’ve got the budget and quote out of the way the fun really begins. Pinterest and Houzz are our favourites. Look for things like layout, floorplan, floor coverings, wall colours, and other inspirational images. Try more general searches first, and be sure to organize your pins in categories or on their own pinterest board so you can find them more easily.

Once you have a good collection of inspirational imagery you’ll want to create a special folder, board, or collection to store all your favourites. This way you won’t have to scroll through hundreds of shades of green before you find that one perfect hue.

Make sure your developer or contractor has been given a link to your final Pinterest board. This way they can reference your ideal images and come up with innovative solutions completely customize it to suit your needs.

Open houses are also great resources, though due to COVID-19 this year many have been closed.

Dream On, Have Fun!

This is your dream home, after all. It’s all coming true! Stay focused on your goals but don’t be afraid to dream big; that’s where the magic happens.

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